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Julius Caesar Act/Vol. 1 Chp. 1 pg. 3 by TragdyOfJuliusCaesar Julius Caesar Act/Vol. 1 Chp. 1 pg. 3 :icontragdyofjuliuscaesar:TragdyOfJuliusCaesar 1 4
Inspirational Block of Text
Today, I listened to MrCreepyPasta read about BEN. I know I was going to do it yesterday, but I was distracted by fixing up some things with ToJC. (I fixed the page links and such...I also improved the links for Google+, Twitter, and Tumblr...I need to get on Tumblr more often.) Which reminds me, if you're on Twitter, you should follow those two. They had a cute lovey-dovey conversation yesterday. :meow:
Anyway, back to BEN and his antics. Every time I read or hear it, I get filled with inspiration. I just want to write up a storm! I want to go outside and sit on the porch with my notebook and pencil. I remember last year when I told him that he helped me get out of my last, as he called it, creative rut, he told me that it made him really happy and that he loved hearing how inspirational he was. Some day, I want to be recognized for what I've done, too! He told me never to give up and always keep trying! He told all of us during one Q&A that you have to keep trying and MAKE people not
:iconkaraliaprincess:karaliaprincess 1 9
Ask Shizuo and Bro Blind Date by artist-san Ask Shizuo and Bro Blind Date :iconartist-san:artist-san 123 118
ToJC Ch. 1 Preview?! What is this?!
I decided that since my dear friend :iconwolfmaiden96: posts previews...Hey, what's stopping me?
I dunno when I'm gonna finish this since I tend to go on and on when I write. At this point, I'm not even at Page 1 at :iconTragedyofCaesar15: in this! I got kind of carried away. The first two paragraphs are just describing their world.
On a side note, I love making the names for the places. My best friend in doing so is this weird as it seems...:XD:
Anyway, here's a paragraph or two. Enjoy!
Being a leader of the republic wasn't an easy job. There were always people to revolt against the man in charge. There were people in poverty after a quick change of officers, and the wealth families wanted even more profit. Other groups of people tried to take control from the Romans, and lower ranking senators always disliked the higher ones.
Something like three hundred and forty years since the republic was born, t
:iconkaraliaprincess:karaliaprincess 2 3
doujin Service Dog pg 3 by artist-san doujin Service Dog pg 3 :iconartist-san:artist-san 72 14 doujin Service Dog pg 2 by artist-san doujin Service Dog pg 2 :iconartist-san:artist-san 76 23 Commission 2: doujin Service Dog by artist-san Commission 2: doujin Service Dog :iconartist-san:artist-san 130 47 doujin Service Dog pg 1 by artist-san doujin Service Dog pg 1 :iconartist-san:artist-san 114 15 Commission 1: Chibi Shizaya by artist-san Commission 1: Chibi Shizaya :iconartist-san:artist-san 237 31 DRRR fancomic: does it hurt? Shizaya by artist-san DRRR fancomic: does it hurt? Shizaya :iconartist-san:artist-san 575 202 Trifecta Familly by melina-m Trifecta Familly :iconmelina-m:melina-m 159 21 Shizaya I think so by artist-san Shizaya I think so :iconartist-san:artist-san 116 11 DRRR Shizaya chibi IDIOT by artist-san DRRR Shizaya chibi IDIOT :iconartist-san:artist-san 276 33 Complication Trailer by sagtavilia Complication Trailer :iconsagtavilia:sagtavilia 366 117 Shizaya fic Second Meeting 1 by artist-san Shizaya fic Second Meeting 1 :iconartist-san:artist-san 25 14 Otakon 2011 cosplay pictures by mimblewimble Otakon 2011 cosplay pictures :iconmimblewimble:mimblewimble 132 53



Julius Caesar AND Mark Antony
United States
Tired of reading a boring version of the story about Julius Caesar's death? Fear not! That's what we're here for!

This is a semi-modern version of the story, including issues that we face today as well as the supreme issue behind what happened to them!

The Artist :iconnerobarsetti: & :iconkaraliaprincess: The Authoress

Google+ Page:…
Caesar on Twitter: @JuliusCaesarx
Antony on Twitter: @FalseAmnesty

Huge Announcement

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 26, 2013, 7:58 PM
  • Listening to: Cabin Pressure
  • Reading: The Sea of Silver Light - Tad Williams
  • Watching: Sherlock
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Nothing

All right guys...This is really weird to say, but basically, everything here is going to disappear.

I've decided to redo the whole thing, the Artist and I have agreed that we need to think about this a different way. I'm just not satisfied with the story anymore the way it is. It doesn't make any sense, and frankly, the focus isn't where it needs to be.

I've been off in Pokemon World, and Sherlock Land lately, which means I haven't really thought about it in awhile, and as my English professor says, if you set aside something for awhile and come back to it, you notice the flaws. I used to not notice my own flaws because I didn't like criticism. (I was a whiny little brat. Trust me. I know. You don't have to tell me. People have, and since they weren't nice about it, they no longer matter.) It just feels to me like I was too blinded by the aspect of romance to realize my plot was boring and there were holes in the universe.

However, we will be going in a new direction!

First off, forget what you've seen. If you have anything saved, get rid of it. It's worthless now. Trust me. I don't even want to think about it anymore. All of the images on this page now will be gone soon. We're scrapping it all.

Next, it's going to take place in present day. Modern times, possibly somewhere near where we live as to have ease of access to the setting. We feel it's easier to have inspiration if you can actually be where your characters are. They'll all have modern occupations. Plus, this gives the female characters a bit of opportunity as well.

I'm going to focus on plot. Trust me, you'll still be able to ship everyone. It'll just be more subtle. It's not going to be the main focus like it has been in the past. (It'll be there. Trust me. You'll see how I handle it. No spoilers!)

We'll also be moving its main residence to Tumblr since we're mostly there now. This dA will be for bonuses, behind-the-scenes, concept art, character designs, all of the above. :D

I'm sorry, I'm really excited. I had completely lost inspiration and hated the whole thing. Now there might be some hope.

That being said, I hope you will stick around and see what we do with it, and sorry for any inconveniences. I'll update the journal when we set up the Tumblr account.

Tribune karaliaprincess
The Authoress of the Tragedy of Julius Caesar
(No, I'm not getting rid of my dumb signature.)



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